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Here for the gear
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Cool, Travis!

Unfortunately for me, I shudder at even the thought of putting together IKEA furniture... so soldering and electronics are definitely beyond my scope

Nice job on the hack,


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I just replaced the bulbs in my TPS ii with LEDs and a resistor. I used some amber LEDs that I had from an electronics kit and fit 2 in each VU (in testing, 1 LED was too dim) then fitted a resistor (7 Ohm 1/4 Watt - no I didn't calculate that) outside the VU so that if it was too bright or dim, or over heated and failed I could easily replace it. I just have a nice soldering iron and lots of computer repair and soldering experience to lean on. I've never fixed a VU before. Once I had the first one done and figured out, the second one went really quickly!