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i was paiste's international artist relation manager for 5 years back in the nineties and from working in this position and as a professional mixer for 35 years, i've heard literally thousands of drummers.

imo there's only one way to get things sorted out: find a drummer who can play an acoustic drum kit well AND at levels which suit your band's needs and the venues you are playing in!

no e-drum kit will please a drummer who has technique, taste and ambition: maybe try once how many different samples it takes to get just anywhere close to the multitude of sounds of a real pair of hats, then try implementing things into a rompler, trigger sounds with some accuracy and use everything in different acoustic settings under various circumstances...

e-drums are (mostly) not a solution but part of the problem!
You are entitled to your opinion, but so am I. Why does a drummer need to be pleased? They, like all musicians have a job to perform. We are a cover band, not doing this for a living, in small clubs. And EVERY kit I have heard in a small room at some point is too loud. 35 years doing sound...If your read carefully, we use real cymbals and mic them.

In the big picture - this is NOT about the drummer. Its about the whole band, the venue, staff and mostly the audience who support us. The problem is magnified by the lack of amp bleed. The rest of the band has compromised for the greater good - time for the drummer to do the right thing.

I rest my case....