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I couldn't find them that cheap at the time, around £1.25 was I think the cheapest I saw, it needed all the group assign switches doing as well as the solo etc, it soon added up.
I think I was looking at around £1500 in the end for the parts.
Time wasn't an issue, 10 seconds is fast though, which is the proper tool? I tried an electronic solder sucker on that desk and it had a tendency to pull the pads off.
As I had only paid £500 for the desk and that was all I was likely to get back from it, new switches or not, I thought the money was best going towards something else.
The patchbay on it was a constant PITA too.
In the end I managed to scrape together the funds for a Calrec M series and have not regretted it one bit, it's a great desk, has been extremely reliable and most importantly sounds "better" to my ears.