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We really need to know what Spring Reverbs as the frequency response to other features could become an important factor in deciding exactly the age, type or sound source of the delay and let’s not forget many more modern Spring Reverbs did come with very basic millisecond Hass to imparting delay options.

If I’m throwing a guess at some serious AKG BX or Roland to whatever Vintage Reverb you’re ideally wanting a Delay that offers envelope shaping to more then simply timing control. The Lexicon PCM-41 is perfect as is the LXP-1, 11 or 15, multi effects in the latter the 41 should be your price and then if change comes your losing nothing on the investment here.

Please, please,! Expand in details you will gain more knowledge in replies. The only stupid question is that never asked!

Good luck,
Thanks for your comments.

I have two Roland space echos, a 201 and 501, and a Vermona DSR-3 and a Vermona Retroverb.

I want something that is not going to change the character of the sound that is being delayed ideally and I don’t want/need envelope shaping in the delay as that feels a bit like overkill.

I have a desk with aux sends and eq to handle what frequencies are passed to the reverbs.

I’ll have a look at the Lexicons thank you.