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Old 20th January 2020
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Just when I think I'm getting closer to figuring out what in the hell I want they complicate things.

Originally I was looking at the Korg D1, since I can probably offload my Juno DS and be in the same ballpark price-wise, and it's compact-ish even if it's a heavy bastard. But there's also the SV2, which is hella expensive on my budget, but I like the feel of the SV1 keybed (IIRC, the 2 uses the same keybed), and it looks like it's more capable than the original. And then there's this... Only reason I second-guess the RD is because I'm looking at either the MC-707 or (equally likely) the MC-101, so it seems like there'd be a lot of overlap in their sound libraries, and an identical sound engine. The Korg would at least be a bit of a contrast to the Roland sound, even though both of those have much smaller soundbanks. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this and would do just as well to go all in on Roland stuff.

kcearl, what'd you end up getting?