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As i said before, when I plug the Bryston directly to my converters there is no hiss at all!!! Wonderful sound.
The hiss comes when I plug the Bryston to my converters with the monitor controller in the middle of the chain. And yes, with another power amp, and the same monitor controller, no hiss at all.
jim is faaar more knowledgeable on gear than most of us so maybe pm him for detailed information?

of course the monitor controller gets used to decide on the actual spl level at which you're going to listen but my experience is that regardless of what you feed into a 'weak' input (say +18dBu), if it's getting fed from a device which is capable of sending much higher output (say +24dBu) and even if you don't use it to it's full level, there is some amount of hiss...

did you try a (un-)balancing unit?