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We’re talking about subtle differences when it comes to high end converters. If you really think UA is ‘whipping’ MH, you should be going into far more details about it instead of making an overhyped blanket statement. How is it more precise, controlled and more linear? Are there measurements available?
No we're not. The differences are certainly there. The secret is in the obvious. It's different people who make them. These things are all a certain flavour and so with respect to people's different minds let us accept that converters are different even if by a little.

little? Little of what?

The one thing common at the high level is clarity. Some are more fuller on the notes(Prism, Apollo, Apogee).

The MH is "digital transparency", scientific window of the Mix, little sharp at the top. Specs: Less than Apollo on Dynamic range and THD BTW.

Back to Apollo X

It's more controlled in that it's playing a put together picture that is really sounding like a new Converter chip and build rather than old goodness. I mean if MH released a Lio/ULN MK2 or something... that would be where this game is at...

Apollo X16 Dynamic range on Mon Out : 133db it counts for something.

I'm just being real because I have the experience of both.

There are positives to the MH ofcourse but conversion vs Apollo X is not the same or similar or what was it... subtle.