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First post in the Studio Building Acoustic Forum!

Hi all,

I'm really excited to finally start plans on constructing my own proper recording space. I've got a load of really nice gear I've accumulated over the years and plenty of musicians to work with but I can't get around the fact that we are playing and recording in the worst of spaces that even with treatment doesn't sound all that great and recording and mixing becomes more of a struggle than a pleasure. A great room doesn't only record well but it inspires performances and creativity.

My family is currently in the market for a house and my wife is extremely supportive of my venture. The space will need to track live drums, keys, guitar, bass can go DI. Ideally an isolated area would be great for loud guitar or vocal. If there is no space for the control room without sacrificing tracking room space I'm fine with that. I read about the 500sqft goal more or less for drums. I am reading the Gervais book currently to develop a foundation for the work that will need to be done. However from your collective experience at this stage when I'm looking into properties out in Suffolk County Long Island, NY what options are best for me? Some ideas I had were to convert a 3 car garage, barn, guest house, or maybe I just need a large yard and build de novo. The garage idea seems to be the easiest to encounter however ceiling height may become an issue unless I raise the roof or start digging. I will surely be asking many more questions along the way but choosing the right space in the beginning may be the most important one!

Thanks in advance