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I like the seprate strings of vg guitar idea and id like to use 7 midi tracks streaming audio to 7 pro tools tracks at the same time.
Do you know if Rewire is limited to only one stereo?

Does any pro tools come with the rewire
I have pro tools hd and it's doesnt appear in it.. can you download it from some where?

In abelton do I need the same plugin for rewire because it doesnt appear also.

Hi Itay,

it doesn't work like that with ReWire. There are no separate installers for ReWire plugins.

Each application, which supports so called device mode (eg. being used from main host DAW), will register itself in operating system. It's kinda similar to ASIO drivers.
Then if you run some other application, which supports ReWire host mode - like PT in your case, it will populate list of available ReWire devices.
In PT it will be then available under Instruments category, when you open dialog for adding plugin to an insert slot.

You can definitely transfer more than two channels of audio. ReWire protocol itself supports 64 channels.
In case of PT, you can simply copy the particular ReWire insert plugin several times in your session to different tracks to establish routing you would like.
So for example you have 6 mono tracks, where you have 6 instances of the plugin at first insert slots and each instance has selected different channel routed from Rewire device application.

If Ableton Live ReWire doesn't show in PT list, then most likely it's due to architecture mismatch. Like 32 bit Live and 64 bit PT or vice versa.. It's similar like with plugins, that has to match.
Also sometimes ReWire devices aren't correctly populated after its installation, so you have to close PT, go to directory (assuming Windows)
"%appdata%\Avid\Pro Tools" and delete file InstalledAAXPlugIns there.
This will ensure, that with next PT launch, the software will rescan all available plugins (including ReWire devices, filename is bit misleading).

But although it's great to have this PT and Live integration working IMO, there is unfortunately one bummer for what you asked for.

Ableton Live launched in ReWire device mode (which means started after you insert ReWire plugin to host DAW) is limited, so it doesn't load any external plugins and virtual instruments. So unfortunatelly no Kontakt or what you wanted.
It's pure limitation of Live, other ReWire devices (say Reaper or some other DAW) doesn't have such limitation.

So it's probably back to original approach with TotalMix loopback, if you really need to host those instruments in Live. On the other hand, if you won't use ADAT at your interface, you can create for example 8 loopback channels and save that to some TotalMix snapshot for easy recall.
Prepare some template project in Live with appropriate routing.
Additionally you can also likely sync those DAWs together using some virtual MIDI driver.
And of course, if there's no other restriction, you can host those instruments directly in PT session or find another ReWire host instead of Live.