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Recording and Mixing in a Wooden Stable

I am looking for advice regarding what to spend £250 on improving the quality of the recording of instruments in the stall of a wooden stable.

The setup

tascam 32d with Behringer monitors placed in a smaller room with 4 XLR leads and one jack lead for headphones leading to the stall for recording. The smaller room measures 3.5m wide 2m deep and a ceiling angled from 2.5m rising up towards 3m

The Stall used for recording has two Behringer b1 condensar mics and a stereo pair of Berhinger C1, each with mic stands. The floor measures 3.5x3.5 and the ceiling rises from 2.5m on the north wall to 3.6m on the south partition. The sound partition only rises to 2.5m where there is a gap to the ceiling. A similar arrangement is on the east side with the stall door frame having a gap above it to the ceiling.

The building is made of frames covered with 5mm thick Tongue and groove panels and the ceiling is single sheet corrugated bitumen.

The sound recording contains a lot of reverb and is quite muddy.

Any advice greatly appreciated
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