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I have been involved in location sound for film and later video since the early 70's. Nagra preamps ruled in those days. Later in video switched to SQN and Cooper. Interestingly over the time I used my Cooper, I would receive comments regarding the quality of the sound recorded.
Later switched to Sound Devices products and never received any compliments about the sound. Their products work and are ok sonically. Have since sold all SD products and started using Cantars.
Pricing on SD products in now much closer to what I consider the better location mixer/recorders (Nagra, Sonosax, Aaton). I believe some or many of the SD products are now outsourced as far as production goes. Probably doesn't matter as the designs still reside with SD.
I just wish Andy had made a recorder!!

Nothing like properly aligned and biased tape!!!!

Outsourcing? My MixPre 6 II says Made in the USA. Not assembled, but made.