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I think the sound is nice but not that usable. Why? too recognizable. But hey, sometimes its fine. I do, for some reason, tend to like digital synths more. They tend to have more modulation options,..unless you go eurorack. But polyphony is super hard.

By the way, how do you feel about DX7? i love the sound, its so bad its great. Also, the presets are so well known. One thing is for certain. My eurorack adventure makes me ditch all my analog gear, and just focus on eurorack instead. Suddenly I find analog gear not so interesting. But modulation of all parameters, the choice of synthesis and tweaking it, well, you have to, makes me enjoy and see things that were not possible before. The blofeld taught me a lot.

Reflecting, I do love the prologue concept, with opensourcing filters, oscs and effects.

I just in the end think, i would think the wavestate is so much more interesting than yet another VA. Maybe i’m getting tired of the analog purism or the hype for vintage gear and nostalgia. But saying this, its very hipocritical as well, with my dx7, behringer D, tape delay, and all my uad plugs, haha. Who am I kidding :D

oh, its just also gear slutz, right? and i do f*n love my jv-1080 rompler. UAD phaser on it and it opens up and be magical. Sonetimes, its just about this one sound. And nobody’s will even notice, haha. But me does, and it inspires.