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I s'pose we each have our own ideas of what "great guitarist" means.

Certainly technique would be a consideration however for me it is all about the musicality and how it fits the tune and then relates to me - probably on an emotional level.

I will list some of my favorite guitar bits:

Waddy Wachtel's playing on "Johnny Strikes Up The Band", "Nighttime In The Switching Yard" and "Lawyers Guns And Money" are three of my favorites - both the rhythm playing and the licks. Tasty - full of tone, and the playing drives the tunes.

Another favorite is James Burton's licks and solo on "Ooh Las Vegas" off of "Elite Hotel".

Then there is the guitar stuff that Jerry Donohue does at the end of "Wastin Away" on Gerry Rafferty's "Snakes And Ladders" LP. Sadly when the label made the D version they cut off his playing at the end. Luckily I had copied my LP to CD and still have the full tag.

Clapton's intro on "Have You Ever Loved A Women" off the "Layla" LP - the phrasing is insane.

Of course Hendrix - I love everything about the tune "Dolly Dagger" and the stuff on "Nightbird" is also a standout for me.

I also loved a lot of David Gilmour's stuff - "Shine On You Crazy Diamond".

There are of course many more but these are examples of guitar work that has really impacted me.

So while the technical ability of jazz and classical players has its place in terms of making players great players, for me and my taste it is more about the taste as it aligns with my musical preferences.

Personally I think Scotty Anderson out of the Cincinnatti area may be the greatest player ever technically as he stacks the fingers on his right hand and plays three part harmony at blistering speeds - I do not know of any other guitar player that can do that but while it is beyond impressive, it is not music I tend to listen to. He is certainly a great player but I'll take Waddy's stuff on "Excitable Boy" every time.

So there's my morning meander on the subject. And there are so many other guitar moments I could add to the discussion in support of my opinion. But it is nothing more than my opinion.