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Originally Posted by nosebleedaudio View Post
they seem to have several U87ai's.. But MANY on ebay..
It IS possible that it was like that when THEY bought it..Not taking up for them BUT possible..
Vintage King has NONE...

But, IF they stated "All original" then you should have options, IMHO..
Right...but if you're buiness niche is a used Neumann mic seller.....

Reverb wouldn't refund. Also, they wouldn't let me redo my feedback which really pisses me off AND it may tell you why this seller has so much great feedback.

The listing text:
This microphone is in perfect functioning condition and good cosmetic condition. The plastic nub on the high pass filter switch has snapped off. The switch works but you will need to use a little pointy device to engage and unengage.

To me, "perfectly functioning" means the capsule functions exactly as a U87 capsule would.