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Resolved : Neumann U-87 Scam Alert on Reverb - "Music City Pro Audio"

I purchased a used Neumann U-87 from Music City Pro Audio on Reverb. It had a fake/aftermarket capsule that costs $850 to replace.

I didn't know until I sent the mic to be evaluated/serviced by Neumann until 10 months later, well beyond the return period so I have no legal standing. I had my suspiscions and should have had it checked out earlier, but I have another one and didn't want to go through the paperwork, shipping, eval cost, etc.

I contacted the seller several times. He expressed no concern that he sold a fake mic -- just that it was beyond the return period, and that I couldn't prove it was the same U-87, or that I may have been the one that switched the capsules.

Lessons learned:

a.) Do not buy anything from this seller.

b.) If you're going to buy a used mic, have its authenticity verified by the manufacturer immediately (within return period).

Update: 1/20/2020
I am fighting this after all. Because another person on Reverb has been scammed by this seller, I'm not going quietly into the night. I have demanded the full amount of the repair be refunded.

Update 1/21/2020
The fine folks at Reverb have covered the entire cost of the repair - including shipping, labor, taxes. That deserves a big 5 star rating.

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement from you who post here.

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