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Let me explain the chaos computer; you can have two static sources, more or less referencing one, and another, using pure analogue clocking, or any input.

My preference is a single gate input, which pushes your combined processing by a single step.

Yes, pure chaos, as cv, looks like some single, sporadic butterfly wing of discordant pain, but when you sample this, with a, (an?), human interface, it adds a certain organic interpretation. A je ne sais quoiat! There. I said it. And i even made a belligerent, half reference, to a [email protected]

The point being, when you callously finger a gate reflex, music be damned, the results reveal your true genetic dispositions.

Ultimately, we’re all doomed, and the more you accept that, the more true it is...

But the opposite is also true. I think that is 1-3-8 switches, up, on x and y.
Are you the Jack Kerouac of sound?
Thanks for explaining though =)