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Old 16th January 2020
Lives for gear

Well, this was interesting. Now, all of a sudden I'm having mysterious dropouts with simple playback in Live. I do think this involves dpc latency and my graphics, but I need to investigate further.

I do currently have other issues on this old thing running macOS 10.12.6, like the internal won't boot properly, so I'm currently booted from a backup and am waiting for the internal to be saved to another disk.

While all of that I noticed that also this bootable backup (from August) has the same dropouts. There is one major difference since a few days ago when I didn't have this issue and that is I that changed from "standards mode" to the usual driver mode in my RME Babyface, just last night. Hmmm.

OK, so I have a throttling problem at my hands. kernel_task is running havoc. The question is why. This only happens when Live is on the screen, so if I operate from the Push and the Live GUI is hidden there's no throttling. Temps are normal, so it's not heat as far as I can tell.