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Another module that's great for modifying gates, is the Cosmotronic Delta V dual envelope.
Excellent at keeping gates high or low for extended periods. And of course it's a great dual,
envelope generator, gate or LFO source. All in all pretty handy

For me that's likely the primary paradigm of my system design, I love to cram as much functionality
as possible into everything, as opposed to providing specific modules for this or that. I may
not have a big multi-channel mixer, but I have no less than 25 channels of mixing for at least
2 signals. While I do have to go about things in a round-about kinda way, for me that half
the fun of it.

Seemingly, that is probably a more costly way to go about it though, as my system is pretty
costly for its size. Modules with more functionality are often expensive. *shrugs...