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This is the important thing...i'm not talking about some extra distortion or a level change or anything...I keep a tight reign on my master channel and the tonality of the track is exactly as I expect it to be offline/online.

Once this bug is fixed I can render out some examples (of course, when I try to do this it'll work perfectly and I'll just be the crazy person rambling in the corner I SWEAR IT HAPPENED I SWEAR.)
Why don't you, in a copy of the last set, re-import an exported file (lossless and without bit conversion or downsampling) to its own track and switch the polarity of that, route all tracks, including returns to a buss, that is the single track that routes to the master —*you also need to move anything on the master to that buss —*to find out if you're not getting a null (silence)?

Of course anything that isn't exactly the same every time you play it back, some analog emulating synths or effects for instance might prevent that null, but it should at least be informative. You can make tests with invariable sources and learn about Live and your audio sources. Nulling, if properly used, teaches you what is real.

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