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The way it is now, stealing songs is easy. Good luck getting compensation. I've had an EDM song stolen and just getting it taken of streaming sites was a pain in the butt. I think it is still up on Google play. If someone in another country steals your intellectual property, good luck getting justice.
That's pretty interesting. I'm interested in any particulars you feel like sharing.

I've run into lots of, let's call them, unauthorized postings of recorded songs under the original artist's name, almost all of it in nations that don't (much) enforce copyright. (One can imagine their thinking on leaving the original artist's name: if anyone is searching for a song by title, they're probably looking for a specific tune; even more likely, they may be searching for favorite artists, in which case, the pirate site would definitely want to use the true artist's name.) I've found my own recordings (and I'm nobody ) illicitly hosted 'around the world,' but under my own name. It's definitely something that has happened and no doubt continues to happen.

But I've always been at least a little surprised I haven't run into more people whose songs have been have been fully stolen (either the song, itself, or a recording thereof) and credit taken by the thief.

I've been discussing songwriting online since the 1990s (or before, since I participated in the dial up BB scene in the 80s) and even moderated a songwriting forum on (a different) once-busy musician website for seven years and, I have to say that the overwhelming majority of the song-theft claims I've heard/read over the years have been regarding songs 'stolen' by ex-music partners/bandmates/co-writers and so on -- people who presumably felt they'd contributed to the song enough to claim it or part of it.

So... did they steal your lyrics, your music, and/or your recording? And did they relabel it with another artist's name?

Thanks in advance for any info you want to share, as I want to be as accurate as possible when I talk about this stuff; your experience definitely counts.

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