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Thanks for the answers.

@ Mikael B : yes, everything is printed in 88kHz and I'm just monitoring (and mixing) in 44kHz.
Are you saying you did have worked like that too ?
Regarding the FX, I know some of them are acting very differently at 44kHz and at 88kHz (Soundtoys Cristallizer being one of them). But for the usual EQs/comps/reverbs, what can I expect ?
Yes, I'm recording new tracks in 88.2 kHz and I monitor & mix in 44.1 kHz. If I need to print anything during the mix I temporarily change to 88.2 kHz as I also do when exporting. I have noticed the odd plug-in that sounds peculiar when switching to non-44.1 sample rates, but so far I haven't needed such a one to be on a song. I haven't noticed anything untoward with the reverbs and delays I use. EQs is probably what is important to check as well. The plug-ins and devices I use all sound like expected no matter in what sample rate I export.

I'm currently on the fence what downsample algo to use if I need to downsample the export. But nothing in the final exports stands out as crazy using the Live built-in conversion. Bad sounding details could still be possible given different frequency content, other levels and different plug-ins being used. But I haven't encountered this. I've done relatively few final mixes in Live 10 compared to Live 9, maybe a handful. So far, they are very similar. Already Live 9 sounds great to me when handled properly.