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Funny, because I think a lot depends on the era one comes from. Being a mid term dinosaur it was all about speed in the context of "Jamming", not "Shredding". There was a key difference between the two in that jamming came first .."dude JAMS!" and shredding came second. I've never liked shredding and I hate when they are socially bundled into one, now days. It's way to linear to me.

Randy Rhoads = "jams"
Tony Iommi = "jams"
EVH = "jams"
Hendrix = "jams"
Brad Gillis = "jams"

Malmsteen = "shreds"
Impellitteri = "shreds"
Angelo = "shreds"
Modern YouTube dudes = "shreds"

Damn, I miss the "Jammers" and if you were there when the scale tipped you know exactly what I'm talking about - the key differences.

George ....JAMS!!