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A non-musician once told the key to a great solo was that you could hum it. At the time I thought it was overly simplistic, but the more I've thought about it, the more I think it's true. Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Clapton, George Harrison, Pete Townshend etc were all very melodic. Even the great jazz players and classical composers came up with tunes that stuck in your head. It's also what separates the numerous technically-proficient players one sees on Youtube or wherever. Their licks are often as fast and technical as the greats, but they're just not as catchy.

Great guitarists are also usually a sum of their influences + something new. A lot of great players basically ‘steal’ from those great before them and composite multiple steals and put a twist on it to make it new.

They also usually have pretty great technique.

Look at Richie Blackmore ..he took Hendrix riffs broke em down rearranged and threw in some classical ideas boom legend. He had amazing technique.

Jimmy Page did it with the Blues and folk.

Slash did it.

“Talent borrows, genius steals” someone once said.

Also keep it simple , shredding a hundred notes a minute is boring, esp if it’s not telling a story.

Johnny Marr said “if you start with the idea to make the music overly complicated to impress or be showy , the end result comes out not sounding like music at all”. That was great advice for me.