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Hello there people...

However, the cable I have has a bit of a loose fit whilst connecting to the laptop and moves around on the laptop side if it's moved, when it does it goes mad, disconnects and I get crackle again (just not as bad as before - still horrid to listen to and mega annoying though). I have to mess around for a few minutes to get it connected properly again - sometimes turning the Mixpre off and on again is the only thing that fixes it. So, I would prefer USB-C to C in the long run, as this would mean I'm also not using up 50% of my USB-A ports on my laptop too!

I run two aging (but nearly perfectly functional) mid-2012 Mac Book Pro i7 machines (one 13", one 15"), one on Sierra (for occasional Final Cut Pro work... I don't do nearly enough video edit these days to warrant the upgrade fees for FCPX or a move to Avid) and the second on High Sierra for Logic Pro X. The USB_A ports have "loosened" just enough that I keep two 1/2"x1-1/2" strips of Pro Gaff on the chassis to allow me to secure USB-A cables. It's a (not particularly elegant) workaround... but as I have a lot of "legacy" sources, the thought of a new machine with but two USB-3/TB3 ports (and the dongle farm) keeps my "upgrade reflex" in check.

Works for me, and it should work with USB-C as well, if it's a port problem...

and I always have a roll of Pro Gaff handy, anyway.


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