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Thanks for the answers.

@ Mikael B : yes, everything is printed in 88kHz and I'm just monitoring (and mixing) in 44kHz.
Are you saying you did have worked like that too ?
Regarding the FX, I know some of them are acting very differently at 44kHz and at 88kHz (Soundtoys Cristallizer being one of them). But for the usual EQs/comps/reverbs, what can I expect ?

@ pottering : thanks for the link. Is the SRC quality documented in this site offline or real time ? If it's offline, at least Live seems to be pretty transparent...
But I can't find any serious infos about the real time conversion (quality, cpu consumption).

@ Red Black : I will not convert multiple times. I'm just monitoring at a different sample rate that the original one... I will downsample only for the final export.
But while monitoring, Live will be downsampling each file in real time (non destructively, like Pottering said)...