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Originally Posted by Herr Weiss View Post
I do not agree with you at all.

If what you said is true, all one had to do was to listen to "The Greatest Hits Ever" and voilá, you have your own "hit".

Nevermind that some people go as far as "stealing" the complete chord progression of a song and still have the gall to claim authorship.

People continue to write "mediocre" music because they lack discernment; they are not even aware that they go around wearing blinders their whole damn life!!

You may not agree, but Jeff has the science on his side - 80% of your thinking is done at the unconscious level. The "aha" moment, when you're out walking and recognize a good tune in your mind is the brain sending it up for approval after having worked it out in your unconscious mind, where you had no access to it (this is the science behind the McCartney dream and "yesterday") - if you want to know more, google it up - it's fascinating.

The fine points of copyright law are a different matter, most people are woefully misguided by memes that simply aren't true. Copyright law is an evolutionary process, and unless you've been involved in a suit of your own, you have no idea what's involved.