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Recording in 88khz and mixing in 44kHz in Live

Hi there

I need some advices regarding workflow & sound quality of real time downsampling in Live.

I recorded drums and vocals in 88khz for a song in which there is a lot of VSTi (electro pop). I exported all the soft synth parts in 88kHz too (saving some CPU headroom), but I can't mix the whole song at this sample rate because of CPU issues, so i'm presently mixing all theses 88kHz files in a 44kHz session, thinking about exporting the mix in 88kHz and mastering it at 88kHz before the final 44Hz/16 bits master.

I've got few questions for experts :

- does it make any sense regarding the workflow ? Because I'm mixing 88kHz stems in 44kHz , will I have some surprises when listening to the 88kHz export ?

- What's the quality of the Live real time downsampling ?
For the moment, I didn't hear any obvious difference while quickly comparing the files in 44kHz/88kHz, but the issues may lie in some areas I didn't check very precisely.

- I'm still struggling with CPU issues in this configuration (my computer is not so new, and I've got many tracks with a lot of FX). I've got some CPU issues in all my sessions (it's a regular problem, and I don't have money for a better computer), but I'm minding if the Live real time down sampling is taking some extra processing power compared to using 44kHz files in a 44kHz session ?

- Does all this $hit really matters (recording in 88kHz) if I've got so much issues and uncertainties regarding quality of the final ouptut ?

I'm truly thinking about downsampling everything at 44khz and starting again with only 44kHz files in a regular 44kHz session - and keeping that workflow for the next songs...
In this case, does it have any meaning to record in 88kHz if I have to downsample the stems afterwards (with the eventual added dithering I may need to apply if I don't export 32 bit files) ?
For info, I'm using a Focusrite Clarett for the recording, so the converters may be more efficient @ 88kHz compared to 44kHz, I didn't test that...