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[. . .] So the only criteria I am focusing right now is the ability of rejecting anything that is not coming in front of the mic.
I'm thinking like crazy tight polar pattern, with zero sound taken if it deviates from a few degrees! [. . .]
I believe that most any hyper-cardioid mic will have increased sensitivity directly behind the mic - more so than a super-cardioid. And in live scenarios, I'm also wondering if you are also having to deal with feedback issues for the mic?

Does the mic need to be especially close to [or far away from] your mouth for the effects?

Since you are playing sax, I'm assuming the mic is currently fixed on a stand?

Assuming that you are not intending to use the mic to capture the sax itself?

Could a lav mic very close to your mouth be an option?

Ray H.

EDIT: The sun got in my eyes. I just reread and saw you wrote 'The thing is I play with a saxophonist on stage.' You are purely a vocalist?