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Originally Posted by Jeff Hayat View Post
Yep. Do you lose some stuff over time? Probably. But most - if not all - of it is there.

Usually not consciously.

When you write - you write what you are familiar with; you write what you know. And it all has to come from somewhere.

You have a library of music in your brain. When you sit down at the piano, at the drum set, with a guitar, when you stand in front of a mic... when you try to write, or just improvise, you are accessing that library.

Now, is that theft? No - not if you go by the dictionary def of that word. But you are taking pieces of what's up there to express yourself musically.

I do not agree with you at all.

If what you said is true, all one had to do was to listen to "The Greatest Hits Ever" and voilá, you have your own "hit".

Nevermind that some people go as far as "stealing" the complete chord progression of a song and still have the gall to claim authorship.

People continue to write "mediocre" music because they lack discernment; they are not even aware that they go around wearing blinders their whole damn life!!