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Originally Posted by Herr Weiss View Post
It makes sense that somehow/someway, every tune that I ever heard is imprinted in my brain.
Yep. Do you lose some stuff over time? Probably. But most - if not all - of it is there.

Originally Posted by Herr Weiss View Post
Still, it does not mean that I consciously or subconsciously tap into this amalgam of music memories when composing.
Usually not consciously.

When you write - you write what you are familiar with; you write what you know. And it all has to come from somewhere.

You have a library of music in your brain. When you sit down at the piano, at the drum set, with a guitar, when you stand in front of a mic... when you try to write, or just improvise, you are accessing that library.

Now, is that theft? No - not if you go by the dictionary def of that word. But you are taking pieces of what's up there to express yourself musically.