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Behringer Neutron, M-audio Axiom MKII, Komplete Audio 6 and Cubase 10

Hi guys,

Please help me out with this, read the manual twice but can't figure it out. YouTube videos didn't help at all. I bought Neutron as my first hardware synth and now I'm trying to connect it to my Cubase 10 via my audio interface Komplete Audio 6. I have both 1/4" cable and MIDI cable.

1.) Connected Neutron output to Komplete Audio 6 input 1:

and turned it up.

2.) Connected MIDI out from my Axiom to MIDI in on Neutron.

Turned up Neutron - no sound. Both Neutron and Cubase recognize MIDI coming in, but no sound.

I disconnected MIDI cable and plugged Neutron directly into my PC via USB and managed to get sound on audio track, but can't control it with my MIDI keyboard.

Here are the screenshots of my Audio connections in Cubase:

Can't figure it out, I'm probably missing something really obvious.

Thanks in advance!