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Don't get me started...

I visited NYC in 2006 and then again in 2016 and all the things that have gotten worse about London were the same for Manhattan.
You know the deal. London is one of a kind. Being a Native you know it’s unique in that it’s one of the top Jewels of big cities and it’s both residential and urban. But for many reasons Gentrification, demographic change it has become almost unrecognizable in ways that were both good for calling it a center for the arts and a livable home. NYC would be the closest in terms of relating to its dense diversity and energy level but unfortunately it’s lost everything that London has and gained everything London has as well. The elements you won’t like. So that makes every option a second tier city for you because in one way or another these places have experienced similar loss but also never had what London has to begin with. Personally I would head up North. to Manchester or Liverpool. Maybe to Cardiff or Bristol. When you need a dose of London it’s an hour and change on the train away. The states may be a culture shock and you may find it a bit boring coming from London. And I couldn’t see you not getting homesick.