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Good info here.

What are you stabilizing them with? Are you breadboarding these and using various values for capacitance and resistance, and how/where are you generating and measuring signal?

Apologies in advance for the stupid questions...
I’m only upgrading older gear. I recap electro’s, films, and swap in lower noise lower distortion op amps and have recently started switching metal film resistors into the audio path. Transistors has been tough because of all the fakes. If I could ever find a reliable source of sa1084’s or 85’s I’d buy a nice lot of them, as well as MAT 02’s and 03’s. I’ve tried NOS and they never drop in. It’s a bummer.

Anyway, no bread boarding. I add a local psu cap and the feedback cap. I’m not great with an o-scope but I’m checking for overshoot on a square wave. I’m not even sure I do it correctly. I really need to take a class or find someone to walk me through it.