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Old 12th January 2020
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Tascam M06 Issue

I've noticed that the R master output on my Tascam M06 is much quieter than the L output. I have only noticed this since shuffling my studio around recently. I have tried all possible combinations of channels/panning/cabling etc and as each channel (including phono inputs and heaphones) reproduces this fault my guess is that there is an issue with the master summing amp

I have found a service supplementation manual online but no luck finding any schematics. I have opened the unit up and cannot see anything obvious, but struggling to locate where the final amp circuit is located as the board layout is quite convoluted and there are many soldered interboard wires that mean movement of the boards is quite restricted without desoldering connections. As it is a recent fault after moving, I thought it may be a loose connection, so reseated all connectors but still no dice

I notice that a lot of the audio op amps are M5218Ls - would it possibly be a case of locating the final op amp and replacing this?