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When using a decompensated op amp (like NE5534) that is not unity gain stable. The popular 5534 IIRC is only stable down to a gain of 10dB (3x).

generally no harm, but little benefit...

[edit] I am not a fan of second guessing design engineers but recall that capacitors cost money to purchase and then pay labor to insert, if design was better without them why waste money? [/edit]

Thank you John, I was hoping you’d post. My caution with second guessing the original designer stems from your advise on this topic. My goals have changed over the years and I find myself going for lower noise and lower distortion parts over trying to achieve some kind of “sound.” I’m mainly recapping because of age and swapping in low noise low distortion op amps and stabilizing them on a scope. I send gear out if I want it hot rodded.

I got a Peavey VMP-2 in today. I think I’ve read every thread you’ve ever commented on about this preamp. It went in the rack as is for now. We’ll put it through it’s paces to see if we even feel there’s any low hanging fruit. If I like it I’m gonna try for a VC/L-2. Those are harder to come by.