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The availability of 3-4 metres behind the ensemble is a desirable, reasonable expectation....but any number of audience seating or hall mgt constraints can render that impossible...and that's where the 4 mic bar kicks in.

Even if 'low budget sound' is expected, why settle for such easy, low hanging fruit...when a blend of 2 pairs may have the capability of extracting more from the room than a single pair, with no necessary recourse to plug in reverb or eq or compression as you might with a textbook single pair.

If the pairs are located correctly on the bar, so that each pair is throwing a complementary stereo image to its partner, you do have the option to use some (or no ) blend, as deemed necessary. My experience is that it's never 50/50....more like 70/30, 80/20 or 90/10. If the directional pair are giving most of what's necessary, but a sense of bass extension/foundation and ambience are deficient, it's possible to use selective filtering of the Omni pair to provide that component only, as per Jim's description in post #7 ...

I'd argue it has more in common with a Decca Tree than differences from it: both are spaced, phased arrays, both probably don't augur well from a purely mathematical, theoretical standpoint...but they are empirical responses to practical situations (and they work !)
setting up mains isn't really someting that needs much time! if not being sure about conditions/having almost no time (or not wanting to waste any), i wouldn't set up four mics under uncertain terms though but rather go with a main pair and use two mics as spots or ambis - or use a soundfield right from the start!

in case you haven't used one, give it a try: it gives you lots of options and can save your ass (besides setup time) - i'd take one any day over (almost) any spaced array in (almost) any situation!

[btw: there's a big difference between decca (with one mic being much more into/over the orchestra) and any other spaced array! pickup of direct sound, reflections and room sound plus the possible center image also being vastly different, in addition to phase coherence as from four mics)

guess i don't need to repeat my preference for coincident systems and directional mics (as they allow to adjust a few things while mixing)...