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Ah David - and there it is. That is sort of the formulaic setup we all tend to start from, and in ideal conditions, we have the time and opportunity to adjust that to suit the sound of the hall. But very often, we have no available alternative to “well, that’s about where the mics need to go” based on audience needs, keep fire lanes open, can’t put the mic stand on the stage (or vice versa), etc, added to inadequate familiarity with the “sound” of the hall, etc, and then you’re starting to wonder, will my AB omnis be the best, or do I need a directional array like NOS cards due to being maybe a little further out than I wanted? It is just hedging your bets and giving yourself some options during post. I know that AB omnis at 12 feet out will be insanely reverberant at St Mary’s cathedral, while the same setup at the Mt Angel Abbey library auditorium will be quite dry, but when faced with an unknown venue in another city, it helps to cover your bases, yes? There is no down side that I see...