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And in a live setting with maybe an hour to set up, often with no sound check, isn’t it just that much easier to have them all on the same stand together already? I think it’s a very fine solution to modern circumstances in much of live classical music recording these days.
I think the answer depends ! Upon your setup and sound-check/balance- check time window, and how familiar you are with the location you're working in, as well any restrictions on mic placement. Any or all of those 3 factors can sway your decision to go for a single vs double pair of main mics.

David's right, a single pair in the optimal place is going to give the best result, but the opportunity for all of the above variables to coincide favourably are typically going to vary, unless you always record in a very limited number of locations that you're very familiar with ?

On the notion of a Boojum/Norman/Faulkner array being in the wrong place for all 4 experience is that reality is rarely that unfortunate ! Typically, in a scenario where your stand placement is limited, it's still going to fall in a location where one or the other pair is close to ideal...and that's where the blend comes to the rescue.

Theory would suggest that, for the same direct:reverberant ratio, a cardioid pair should be 1.7 times the distance from the players than an Omni pair. I wonder if the upshot of that is simply the effectiveness of the array to bridge that 1-1.7 divide ? Or else, that it really shouldn't work at all ?