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Tips for testing my DIY coolaudio v2164d Quad VCA?

I built a Quad VCA around the coolaudio v2164d and it works! I followed the "basic VCA" schematic on the data sheet I have linked below.
Like a fool I just tested it by patching my eurorack into it and luckily there were no issues (at least none that were immediately apparent); it sounds good...
I can build a bit but testing and troubleshooting still eludes me some..
What would be the proper way to go about testing this? I have a scope, multimeter and a function generator though I haven't figured out how the latter works yet as I don't have the BNC cables.

I assume I should begin with starting a function and observing it on the scope, then pushing that function through the module and getting a reading from that, but perhaps I am missing something ? Always looking for tips.

Edit: after further testing I have discovered it does not work as I expected. When testing with an LFO it seemed fine but with my Doepfer ADSR the notes continuously sound even when a gate is applied to the ADSR. Perhaps I need to adjust some resistor values and I am sure the answer is in the datasheet somewhere. I just don't know what I am looking for is all...

Thanks for checking out my post

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