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Selling Used Pro Tools - help

Wussup, I got a question for you guys

I have been running into a lot of confusion on how to properly sell my used pro tools copy.

It is Pro Tools 10 (not HD). I have the box, cd, and iLok. I NEVER downloaded it onto my computer, so it's completely unused.
Didn't even use the iLok. As far as my memory goes that is.

I got it from years ago, when someone gave it to me as a gift. Also, it was bought in a college by that person, so it might be an educational discounted version, if that makes any difference. Since then, I ended up using Logic, so I never even needed it. Kinda regret not selling it before, because now it's only useful for people who use 32-bit still. But it's literally just sitting around unused, and I don't like having stuff I don't ever use sitting around.

But it's 2020, so many have moved on to PT 11 and 12. However, I know there are still people who keep their trusty old Macs on an old OS that they never update. I know I used to. There's nothing wrong with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy.

So for the questions: What is the last compatible OS for pro tools 10? And how am I supposed to transfer everything to the new user? I want to make sure that they can use it without running into any problems. I want to completely transfer everything to them.
Do I need to pay a fee to transfer the iLOK? that would be ridiculous, seeing as prices for it now aren't any more than $200.

And also, where's the place that people go looking for used copies of DAWs like this Pro Tools?

Anyways, would like some help. I am sure someone out there needs it more than I do, so I'd like to sell it.

Any help is appreciated.

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