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Hi all,

Thanks again for the precious help.

@ Jay Rose : This is not a pre-sale inspection. I bought the unit online, but am still within the delays to get a refund (the unit was sold as in 100% working order). Considering the fact that I had it for a good price and that these units are harder and harder to find, I'd prefer to find a way to fix it rather than send it back. Still, if I get too close from the deadline and still have found no solution, I will ask for a refund.

@ lovekrafty and @ Jay Rose : Great ! I'll try this. If I understand you guys correctly, performing a factory reset will not cause any loss of the presets in the unit, except for those created by previous owners ? Right now, all of the programs for the H3000 and H3000 D/SE listed in the official Eventide's H3000 Series Manual are present in the unit and I'd like to avoid losing those if possible.

Kind regards.
Correct all the factory presets will be loaded
you Will lose the user presets