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Old 11th January 2020
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Bose 901 amplifier suggestions

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to these things. I just came across a free pair of bose 901 series II with the EQ, and a pair of bose 301s. I just had the 901s refoamed and refurbished. I have a receiver to hook these up to surround sound, and currently have the 901s hooked up as front left and right and the 301s hooked up as rear left and right. My receiver doesn't come with a tape loop so I can't hook up the EQ at this time I don't believe. I know there's a way to do so, but I'd need an external amplifier according to some very old posts I've read around the internet. And nothing exactly matching my current setup, so I'm turning to this forum.

The receiver I have is an Onkyo TX-RZ830. My questions are as follows.

The Onkyo seems to power everything, do I really need an amplifier?
What amplifier should I get to power the 901s if it's needed?
Do I need an amp for the 301s too, and could this be the same unit? Or would I need 2?
Should I also get a subwoofer? There doesn't seem to be much bass (or treble for that matter), and what do you suggest if I do need one?
How in the world do you put it all together?

I understand that similar questions have been asked before, and I've read a lot of responses ranging from Bose is terrible to, spend 2000 dollars on a vintage amp. Surly there is a middle ground that will do this system some justice. Also, in none of my googling did I find someone with 901s and 301s in the same setup.

Any help is appreciated. It's a home theater situation, and it doesn't need to be very loud, I just want it to sound good, as is, I've never turned the volume up past 50, and I assume with an amp it will be much much louder. The 901s were my moms when she was a kid. They're series IIs, and I'm kinda hell bent on using them for sentimental reasons. The 301s I believe were bought in 1996 if that means anything.

Thank you all for reading my post, and I hope you have a great day.