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Old 11th January 2020
Here for the gear

Hi all,

Thanks again for the precious help.

@ Jay Rose : This is not a pre-sale inspection. I bought the unit online, but am still within the delays to get a refund (the unit was sold as in 100% working order). Considering the fact that I had it for a good price and that these units are harder and harder to find, I'd prefer to find a way to fix it rather than send it back. Still, if I get too close from the deadline and still have found no solution, I will ask for a refund.

@ lovekrafty and @ Jay Rose : Great ! I'll try this. If I understand you guys correctly, performing a factory reset will not cause any loss of the presets in the unit, except for those created by previous owners ? Right now, all of the programs for the H3000 and H3000 D/SE listed in the official Eventide's H3000 Series Manual are present in the unit and I'd like to avoid losing those if possible.

Kind regards.