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If you really think you have something special, don't play it here. Probably none of the people who would critique it here have the ear, experience or knowledge to assess it properly as to whether it has mass appeal.

Seriously, do the work and find someone who matters- and let them hear it. The chance of anyone on here actually helping you is very slim, because most of the people on here don't know what makes a hit a 'hit'- they may understand all the technical details but they don't have a producer's ear or vision.

Good luck.
I'm sure the collective readership of GS thanks you for the perhaps not entirely gratuitous slight...

... but the OP was looking for an 'originality check' -- not a 'genius check.'

He already seems to feel it's got hit quality, he just apparently wants to make sure he didn't 'reinvent' someone else's work.

It should probably also be noted he seemed to be looking for an app -- rather than human listeners -- which we might leap to presume means he's worried about it getting ripped off or copied. It's been my general experience that most alleged song rip offs come from former bandmates and/or performance/writing partners. Even when bandmates didn't formally contribute to a song, they have often seemed to develop a sense of ownership over time that sometimes leads to contention with the actual writers. The other common vector seems to be managers and suits, but they're more likely to accomplish their dire deeds with paperwork and deceit.

What I haven't heard alleged are thefts that have derived from posting songs openly or passing around cassettes. That's NOT to say that it couldn't or doesn't happen. I strongly suspect, at least to some extent, it certainly does.

But it's also my sense that most folks who have to steal songs typically don't have the imagination and insight to recognize a jewel in the rough... they seem more likely to steal from stuff that's already been a hit and proven its commercial appeal.

I also suspect that many such types don't have the imagination or skill to take a raw, potential hit (they have stolen from someone) and turn it into something that can actually rise in the marketplace.

But, you know, experience and life being what it is, as soon as someone like me suggests that something like that is almost never going to happen... it just might.