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Try a factory reset and see if it will boot up would be the first step
Press Function while turning on, reset the presets and operating system....
Usual suspects include reseating the power molex connector
And reseating the chips
LK's steps are something I forgot, and they're a good idea. Since you can do the rest from the front panel, there's no particular damage or marks -- the only thing that'll go away is any custom presets/algorithms the original owner put in, and their particular i/o and level configuration.

Difficult to see how software could cause your kind of problem in a 30-year-old box, but you never know.

Opening and looking for bad connections, while you're looking for burnt/bulging components, is also a good idea. Usually a bad connection will result in failure to boot, but if one is dicey and heats up, thermal effects could possibly cause your issue.