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Old 11th January 2020
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Which logical operator do i need for this problem

I want to create a polyphonic/paraphonic synth of 4 voices. I'm getting 4 SE oscillation, a not yet decided wavetable osc (either 4ms spherical wavetable or SE Quadnic). I also have the SSF quantum rainbow for different noises. Now, I don't see the reason to get 4 of them, so what I want to do, is using the gate signals from the midi interface to if one of the 4 keys are pressed, or multiple are pressed and released in different order, I want to keep the noise VCA 'open' until all keys are off. Ideally, it should be able to follow one envelope.

Am I right to use the AND operator or should I use OR here?

My developer guts say AND, but OR seems also possible.

What would you guys/girls advice me?