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Yo Homie UnderTow! "gapless" is a Cubase forum least compared to StudioOne, and as tedannemann says a couple others. It's enough of an issue for Steinberg to include it in a survey where you prioritize features and improvements.

Technically, I have no clue how it's achieved. Could be smoke and mirrors, but if so, its enough to get Cubase user attention that gaps happen in Cubase when they don't appear to happen in StudioOne... that is when you insert a plug while Cubase is playing.
I'm a little worried Steinberg will "solve it" by only calculating PDC when you stop playback. That would make inserting something "gapless" but then things will not be entirely in sync. I suspect this is how the other DAWs do it (I could be wrong) but IMO this isn't better than a slight glitch when you insert a plugin. Or maybe all they will do is add a small fade. No problem with that of course.