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No arpeggio here .... just zooming time line does this ... strange ...
As Tadannemnann said, "Cubase does not offer a so called "gapless" audio engine" and to my knowledge, never really has.

Therefore I would suggest you do some simple inserts and create some sends, while in play mode, and if the results are the same or similar my guess would be it's the gap issue. However if soloing/unsoloing manifests something different than the gap issue when inserting plugs, then it may be a different issue.

I have never had any gap issues with audio by simply solo/un-solo. Inserting plug-ins of course.

For myself, making Cubase gapless is low priority, It's certainly nice, but I fear it would take too many resources considering other things that need attention, and it doesn't inhibit my workflow or make me swear at Steinberg.

If you can create a simple .cpr without any plugs where this happens, I'm sure you could upload the .cpr to other users here to verify.