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That's really weird and shouldn't be happening. Can't really think of anything that would cause that. Well, there is one thing I can recall, "Reduced latency when monitoring" with plugins with latency, that could cause the whole Set to sound different in different circumstances.

I'm assuming you know about stuff that add randomness in Auto Filter, like its LFO being free-running when set to Hz.
I definitely didn't have reduced latency while monitoring enabled. Also wasn't a freerunning LFO thing. I was tuning the filter to resonate at specific notes at different moments in the track. Offline bounce would render completely random notes.

Now I'm starting to wonder if I was using a different filter, if it wasn't the stock Ableton one? However, another plugin I'm beta testing has completely tanked the session and I'm unable to open it to verify now I checked an earlier version of the session without the crashy plug; in that one I'm using Auto it's probably that...I'd just like to be able to say for certain, I hadn't started the specific note tuning in that earlier session yet.

The important thing is I was absolutely experiencing different results offline/real-time, I would love to get to the bottom of this. Hopefully the bug with the other plug-in gets cleared up and I can answer definitively...