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When I first started using this setup, it was because I was working in some halls in Portland that I was not familiar with, and I was hedging my bets. It was simply to give me a choice during post to use either the ORTF pair if the space was more reverberant than I expected, or to use the omnis if the space (and mic placement) was good enough to allow it. I made a few mixes with blended pairs at various balance levels that worked well enough, but generally I found that blending seemed (to me, at least) to work best by using the ORTF pair for the main image, and using a severe LP filter (cutting everything above 200-500hz or so) on the omnis to utilize the superior low end capture that true pressure mics offer but keep the precise soundstage of the ORTF pair. Varying the LP cutoff frequency allows a certain amount of control over adding/reducing hall ambience into the overall mix.